FRIDAYS 10:00AM-2:00PM         8 sessions
The Beginner/Refresher Workshop is an opportunity to be with other weavers at the same level as you are.   You will choose from a list of small projects to be woven, ones that can be finished in 8-10 weeks time. 
There will be a materials fee for those who choose from materials at the studio,  We will discuss local  suppliers, to order what you may need for the l project you pick.   This workshop will be dedicated to learning or re-learning the different steps you need to weave your chosen project. . It is important that  the students in this workshop  consistently come each week.  Handouts and demonstrations for each step will be held each week.
How to “read a draft” the handweavers’  language,  How to make a warp and dress a loom, how to calculate yarn needs for your project,  how to wet finish your project at the end are among the steps to be covered.  Handouts and demonstrations on how to do various steps will be available for each step of completing your project.   A chenille scarf  or  a table runner, ,pillow covers, small  purses  or  a sampler runner  are among the  projects that beginners have chosen   from in this workshop.

 All  my looms are different, The studio is sometimes referred to as the “loom Orphanage”, Using different looms also ends up being an added education in how looms work!)
  Space is limited.   Contact Ro Spinelli for class space available at reilspin@comcast.net.
Price: $225.00 for the 8 weeks
 (Includes $25.00 loom rental fee for the 8 weeks) Due in full at registration.


Rosemonde R. Spinelli
Fiber Artist and Painter
HANDWEAVING CLASSES OFFERED:. NEW  STARTING DATES  in SEPTEMBER!     Thursdays and Fridays         Starting  September 26, 2014
THURSDAYS 10:00AM- 2:00PM                8 sessions-
This workshop is an opportunity to meet and weave along side other weavers and work on a project of your choice in the weaving studio.  Part of the workshop will be dedicated to discussing questions and/or problems with projects that you may encounter.working on  individual  projects actually benefits other students  at the same time.  We learn and are influenced by  the other students.  All questions are important, whether it is  about your project or someone else’s. If I do not have an answer for you, myself, I will find the answer through contacts and resource books for you. 
 If you will need an 8-harness loom to work on, please register early, 8 harness looms available are limited.  You must be able to warp and dress the loom on your own to register for the Thursday workshop.   Class equipment is limited, please bring your own shuttles, labeled with your name, if you can.   Space and looms are limited.